YES, leader in mindset and behavioural change

We are a boutique consultancy who work with some of the most significant organisations on the planet helping shift attitudes, grow and develop their people. Our Purpose is to liberate the natural genius in individuals and in collective intelligence. We do this in ways which are fun, thought provoking and ridiculously practical.

2 decades before experiential and behavioural change programs were a thing we were delivering them across the globe. We have trained over 400,000 people in 70 countries.

Richard began his professional career as an actor in Theatre, Film and Television. In this time he won an Olivier award and worked consistently in improvisation both on stage and to live television audiences of 15 million people. This experience has lead to his understanding of behavioural triggers. 

At the age of 21 Richard set up Black Diamond Films, marketing and distributing extreme sports film and video. Within 5 years Black Diamond became the largest distributor of specialist film in Europe. It is still a successful business today. Richard sold Black Diamond and brought his theatre and business experience together in YES. Since then he has personally trained over 400,000 people across the world. He has been behind inspirational projects such as the construction of the European HQ of NATO, the Maitreya Project (a Buddha the size of the Empire State Building) and the construction of 250 schools around the UK. 

His expertise is in creating experiential and immersive events, triggering lasting Mindset and Behavioural change en masse and bringing humour, purpose and playfulness into the development process. He pioneers the use of theatre, storytelling, film and behavioural science to achieve these ends. 

Richard has written two books which help people find and live their Purpose in life and is pioneering the next level of experiential events and immersive storytelling.

Kalinka created her first company aged 21, a consultancy specialised in training and communication that won awards. This led her to create 4 other companies she successfully sold 2 years later. She then went on a world trip for 2 years in 25 countries. Shortly after coming back she co-founded YES. On top of a classical M.B.A education, Kalinka is trained in several human development modalities including M.I.T’s Systemic Change Theory U program, NLP, Reconnective Healing, Access Consciousness, the Kinslow System, psycho-genealogy. She has been a meditator and yoga practitioner for 30 years »

I want to actively contribute to the positive evolution of humanity by creating simple, fun and effective ways for people to positively evolve their collective and individual behaviours and mindsets. The human potential has been my passion for the last 25 years. At YES, I have been studying and exploring ways to develop solutions to enable Behavioural Change en masse on any subject. I believe that after 25 years of practice, we understand human mindsets and behaviours in a way that can now be systematised. The development of such technology, when well used, can accelerate positively the evolution of organisations towards benevolent effective systems: making organisations more humane, connected and joyful place to work; allowing people to focus their time on what really matters; and enabling organisations to become active and benevolent contributors to society.

I am currently synthesising all the insights gained through YES in a program for young people called Chooz. The purpose of this program is to enable young people to know how to choose in alignement with who they truly are and what they stand for.