It`s time to stand up and protect what`s important to all of us. We all encourage UNITE HERE! 75 local members to stay strong and united. Together, we can promote safer jobs, stronger collective agreements and fair and fair wages for all workers. WHY: Indebted hotel owners have spent tens of billions of dollars in available funds to retain workers under Canada`s emergency wage subsidy program, but they may soon have access to reduced-rate loans, fully guaranteed by the federal government under HASCAP. The new unite HERE Canada report identifies Canada`s big 6 banks and other lenders – not immigrant workers or mama and pop hoteliers – as the main beneficiaries of the burden relief on the federal government. CONTACT: Stephanie Fung,, (604) 928-7356; Or Michelle Travis,, (778) 960-9785 On March 29, Le Beherdacht with UNITE HERE Local 75 chose a new direction. More than a trio of our members participated in the poll, the highest turnout in the history of our city. Our new leadership was elected with 83% of the vote. The election marks the passage of our local Treuhandschaft, as we welcome a new group of diverse local leaders. This conflict has had such a debilitating effect on our local people that last spring we overwhelmingly called on our International Union to intervene with a trust. With the Treuhandschaft, we are ready to move forward and focus on fighting for the best possible standard for hotel employees in Toronto. On March 29, 2019, employees of UNITE HERE Local 75 elected a new and diverse steering committee that marked the passage of a 14-month Aboriginal trust and the conclusion of an unsuccessful descent campaign by another union. UNITE HERE Local 75 had the highest turnout in its history and the new leaders were elected with 83 per cent of the vote.

Media Contact: Ellie Ade Kur 647.819.1447 Read here the details of the work agreement recommended by the UNITE HERE Local 75 Fairmont Royal Negotiating Committee. Do you want to know more, ei, CERB and more? Do you have any questions you want to answer? Sign up here!… “My job is my identity. I`m not just a waiter. It`s a passion for me… The federal government keeps saying, “We are together,” but we need it now— ” – Treva Martell, a laid-off worker at the Pacific Gateway Hotel. Hotels owned by InnVest – Canada`s largest hotel owner – have thrown hundreds of CEWS (Fairmont Royal York) workers while others have not bothered to anger staff on CEWS (Hyatt Regency Vancouver, Ottawa Marriott Hotel, The St. Regis Toronto). Companies like these deserve a bailout? UNITE HERE Local 75 represents nearly 8,000 hotel workers, including 43 hotels, throughout the GTA and is part of North America`s largest hotel union. UNITE HERE Local 75 celebrates its diversity as an association of immigrants, blacks and women in the industry and leads the struggle for social justice in the local labor movement. UNITE HERE is the world`s strongest hotel employee union with more than 100,000 members in hotels and the best contracts in the sector.

Wherever immigrants run our local unions, we win large orders. Read our latest report on the federal government`s new hotel and restaurant rescue program, which only banks can benefit from, and unlicensed workers.…/ WHERE: Online – Sign up for access information here:…/register/WN_Z80Sjy1PTLKBT06Z0AQpbg The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and dozens of its labour organizations put the weight of the Canadian workers` movement behind UNITE HERE Local 75 during a unity rally at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel on Monday, March 26, 2018. More than 1,000 Canadian union leaders, members and supporters showed solidarity with nearly 900 unite HERE Local 75 workers who are negotiating