3 Terms of payment3.1 Our prices are defined as net prices plus the respective legal VAT from the factory or warehouse. The packaging and, if applicable, assembly costs are added to the respective price at the time of the work. If more than two months have elapsed between order confirmation and delivery, we are entitled to charge the current price of the day.3.2 Our prices are due immediately and payable two weeks after the invoice and delivery; It is the receipt of our payment that is decisive. If no other written agreement expressly permits anything else, the payments must be made directly to us without any deduction. Payments to third parties only release the Customer from his claim if, as a shipping company, third-party powers have been given to us in writing.3.3 The customer is caught in default if he receives a warning after maturity or if he does not pay on a specified date or date. The legal provision that the customer is in default no later than 30 days after the due date and receipt of the invoice, or an equivalent payment claim3.4 In the event of a late payment of the customer, we are entitled: Without prejudice to our other rights or other rights, charge interest of 8 percentage points above the applicable base rate.3.5 In the case of written authorization of installments staggered, we have the right to charge interest 8 percentage points above the applicable base rate.3.5 If staggered payments have been authorized in writing, all remaining amounts are payable as soon as the customer is late in payment within one month or for the third time. 3.6 Compensation or application of the right of detention because of the customer`s counter-claims that we dispute and which are not final is excluded. The exercise of the right of retention is also excluded, as the client`s counterparties are not based on the same contractual relationship. 4 Delivery and delivery of risk4.1 Location of our service obligations is our place of business and/or delivery warehouse which the customer is informed in the order confirmation.

The cost of transporting the goods is the responsibility of the customer. These fees include taxes and customs duties related to the transportation of goods.4.2 The transfer of risk to the customer is made no later than the time of delivery to the carrier or other carrier. This also applies to cases where we have to bear the shipping costs under the separate contract. If the customer has not expressly defined a carrier, we have the right to choose an appropriate carrier.4.3 The specified delivery times are considered only as approximately agreed time guidelines, unless they are expressly stated as mandatory in our order confirmation. Each delivery period is extended by the duration of the interruption of our activity due to obstacles resulting from measures related to conflicts in our company or those of our subcontractors, including legal strikes and lockouts, as well as the occurrence of unforeseen events that are not our responsibility. The current circumstances are not our responsibility simply because they are the result of a pre-existing default. The customer will be informed as soon as possible of the beginning and end of these obstacles.4.4 Unless delivery times have been expressly declared mandatory, we will be late in delivery no earlier than 6 weeks after the expiry of the delivery period by a written request from the customer.