If a school or unit attempts to re-inquire an independent contractor who has completed the provision of services to the university or after the expiry of the agreement between the independent contractor and the school or unit concerned, both parties shall update, if and to the extent necessary, the information requested as part of the registration processes described above. In addition, upon receipt of all necessary re-approvals, unless the agreement between the parties is not automatically renewed, the parties must enter into a written extension of the agreement or a new agreement using the University`s Master Independent Contractor Agreement, unless the purchase or the Office of the General Council expressly authorizes the use of another agreement. The agreement entered into must be provided at the time of purchase as support for the establishment and approval of a purchase requisition in i-Buy NYU prior to commening related services. The Office of Sponsored Programs grants agreements to sub-intentioned individuals who collaborate with NYU staff on sponsored projects. Here you will find the resources to determine whether your proposed collaborator should be classified as a subpayor or contractor, how you can include the employee in your proposal, how the agreement with the employee is generated when a prize is awarded, and how OSP can help you manage your relationship with staff. If NYU acts as a passport through unit, submits the proposal to the lead sponsor, and accepts the award, NYU must determine how to rank the proposed personnel. The guide below for subcontracting patients and contractors is intended to assist with this provision. NYU employees should go to the following OSP wiki sites, give detailed instructions on how subaward agreements are issued to a cooperating institution, and how independent consulting agreements are established. Procurement will verify and approve the registration of the potential independent contractor in i-Buy NYU.

After approval, the school or unit must enter into a written agreement with the independent contractor before services can begin. The parties use the University`s Master Independent Contractor Agreement, unless supply or the Office of General Counsel1 expressly agrees to the use of another contract….