The valuation of private shares is often a frequent event to settle shareholder disputes when shareholders try to withdraw from the business, sell part of their shares, by succession or for many other reasons. Unlike listed companies, whose share prices are widespread, shareholders of private companies must use different methods to determine the value of their shares. Normally, it is carried out by the auditors or by an independent audit firm. Shareholder agreements protect a person`s interest in a company and create rules about how a company handles shareholder disputes. Use this shareholder agreement if you want to start a business with more than one investor and clarify the company`s management rules and how to make decisions. A shareholders` agreement defines the appointment of executive shareholders, establishes rules for the appointment and termination of directors and sets out the requirements applicable to management and shareholder meetings, shareholder obligations, information rights and rights and dividends. Issued share capital is the sum of shares held by shareholders. A company may issue new shares at any time, unless the articles of association of the company set a limit. Companies registered before 1 October 2009 remain subject to authorised capital, i.e.

the maximum amount of share capital that a company can issue to shareholders, pending the amendment of its articles of association. .