People are hungry for new possibilities


We are looking for partners who are purpose-driven, who have a higher vision for their client group and for the world and with whom we share values windows sprache herunterladen. Together we can more than double our impact. One plus one equal three.

What we offer is the ability to make all interactions:

  • Scalable
  • Dynamic
  • And to turn mindsets into behaviours, and behaviours into habits using tools such as Interact, Interplay, 2nd Nature Learning, media, smart books and enhanced webinar experiences.

We also have worked in depth for the past 25 years on the following subject:

  • Purpose, values and ethics (how to articulate them with clarity and make them behavioural)
  • Communication (how to amplify and make a communication impactful, compelling and drive new outcomes.)
  • Collaboration (how to increase collaboration and collective effectiveness.)
  • Creativity and problem solving (how to help people become spontaneously creative, shift paradigms and create new possibilities out of the difficulties they face.)

Our values are in line with the kind of work we have been doing the past 25 years:

  • We believe in the possibility of unity in community, wether that community is a group of colleagues, a group of companies or a group of countries amazon prime videos im ausland downloaden.
  • We know this unity naturally occurs when people are given joyful, playful and fun opportunities to be authentic and the tools to access fully and simply who they truly are with all their genius.
  • We know that people are capable of the most phenomenal things.
  • We are curious and eager to see what that looks like on a scale beyond us silhouette software kostenlos download.

We are looking for partners and co-conspirators to generate sustainable, empowered change.

Is that you?

We are interested in partnering in the following areas:


Our specialism is turning mindsets into behaviours and behaviours into habits - and doing it in a way which is fun, light and dynamic.

We are looking for training companies who are at the top of their game delivering wide reaching programmes to clients who don’t have the know-how or capacity to build interactive programmes using techniques such as InterActive theatre, InterPlay, viral media, SmartBooks etc how can I mp3 music for free. We would like to ally the best we have to offer with the best you have to offer and scale our collective impact. Over the last 15 years we have partnered with a wide variety of organisations. We don’t believe we are in competition with other companies in our sphere, rather, our experience has proved that together we can far exceed anything we can achieve individually fotos downloaden van iphone naar macbook.

What’s the next level for you? How can we help?


We are interested in partnering on large scale eduction programmes with schools, children and youth bodies. We have in development a number of projects to significantly improve young people’s life chances.

The subject-areas we have already addressed through our programmes in this field are:

  • Achieving Grace under pressure
  • Purposeful Careers
  • Mental health
  • Resolving Self Harm
  • Integrity in the face of Peer Pressure
  • Anti-Bullying


Brands have the potential to change and shape the world bilder von google fotos herunterladen. Occasionally some brands want to give back and make a difference -they are a shining light and their effect and impact goes viral. Most brands don’t think in this way… and yet the people who work for them often want that. We have developed a plethora of ideas to help significant brands become Purposeful. Client confidentiality restricts us from divulging those ideas here hamburger rental contract for download. However, we would love to talk to you about how we can work together.


How much of the television that you watch do you find inspiring and life changing? What if more programming created positive change?

People are hungry for change; for new possibilities, for themselves, for their communities and for the planet download java jre. We’ve learned a lot about triggering large scale sustainable change. Television and mass media are perfect conduits for this. We know we can’t do it alone. We want to partner with people and organisations who are willing to co-create life changing and world changing programmes. Is that you?

  • INTERACT Technology is fantastically suited for television and online amazon mp3er. It has the power to change mindsets and behaviours entertainingly and on scale on the subjects at the heart of everyday life. We have a series of ideas of interactive TV programmes never seen before including a combination of interactive theatre and guerilla TV.

We are looking for partners who are interested to take television to the next stage of interactivity.


There is so much that can be achieved through games fl studio mobile kostenlosen. Its potential has hardly been tapped. After 25 years of helping people learn through play and by creating games for groups, we would now like now to partner with game companies where we connect our acumen.


We are convinced that higher levels of consciousness are key to the positive evolution of humanity - a possibility which goes way beyond our current political and socio-economic systems.

We are looking for companies who are delivering wide reaching programmes around the development of consciousness and want to go to the next stage. We can amplify, scale, make the learning more interactive and translate it into easy behaviour and habits.