Digital Engagement


People love media, stories, news, clips, ideas that shift their thinking Download app zoom. What do they do in the lunch queue or on their way in and out of work? Check Facebook and other social media platforms, right? What do they do when they get home? Watch films, read books, magazines... consume media. Nobody's forcing them, they do it of their own free will. Why then do people not engage in 'official' organisational media with the same enthusiasm disney + download movies on pc? What is different about the quality of the media put out by your organisation and that which they choose to consume in their own time?

These are the questions we have been addressing over the last 15 years. Our self-imposed design brief has been 'how do we create learning and development content which people would choose to engage with in their spare time?"

We've spent a long time experimenting, refining  and tweaking von facebook videos downloaden android. We realised we'd hit the spot when we had to start limiting the amount time people spent on our materials to 10 minutes per day. 

Here are some of the key ingredients to our approach.

  1. You cannot force people to engage with digital media you have to:
  • Seduce them. Comedy, humour, story, irreverence apple hintergrundbilder herunterladen. These are the factors which tap into things tap into the subculture of the organisation. The subculture of an organisation is it’s subconscious mind. This is where new behaviours, mindsets and ideas are formed.
  • speak in the language they would use in their mind.
  • give people choices and options otherwise.. Download apps on iphone. are they giving themselves or are they spectators?
  1. It must be iconic.

Learning, stories, anecdotes need to be iconised in symbols and metaphors which lodge themselves in the subconscious mind to resurface when needed.

  1. People need to get personal benefit from the learning as well as collective benefit.

The first rule of change is "what's in it for me?" libreoffice for free german windows 8. If your people understand that clearly they will be interested in finding out what's on offer. If they feel they are ticking a box in someone KPI spreadsheet, they will never show up in a way that leads to a shift in behaviours. Why should they?

  1. All learning must pass “The Monday morning test”.

People need to be able to put their learning in action easily and simply wer weiss denn sowas herunterladen. When has anyone looked at a poster of a complicated pyramid model and changed their behaviour as a result… and if they don't change their behaviour has anything really changed?

Complicated messages, learning models and strategies are never actioned. The “Monday morning test” is… can a person physically do something different on Monday morning as a result of this learning tahuna tool für windows herunterladen? If ‘YES’, the technique stays. If ‘NO’ it’s dropped.

  1. It must have a viral quality.

The Purpose of a Digital Engagement programme is not for people to 'get the message' it's for them to live the possibility. It has to have a viral quality. Your people should be tempted to show people outside work what they are doing. They should be proud of the organisation for having given them access to the materials autocad architecture. It must feel personally valuable to them.

Digital media is so scaleable and accessible.

If you can shift mindsets and behaviours through its use, are there any changes that cannot be achieved?

We use a diversity of ways to engage and seduce people digitally. If you want to generate change in large groups of people through digital engagement, we can help you Download romme for free. To find out more and see how this can work for you - contact us