In the context of the Commodity Trading, Energy and Emissions Trading Scheme, Michael advises on structured products, but also on standard framework contracts on energy markets (in particular on the EFET Gas and Power General Agreements, the ISDA Master Agreements, the German Master Agreement for Financial Futures Transactions, as well as on the annexes to the Emissions Trading and Cross-Trade And Offset Scheme and credit support agreements) and the regulatory environment (including REMIT, EMIR, MiFID, etc.). Michael assists clients in participating in stock exchange trading and trading in Switzerland and abroad. Develop negotiation packages and model templates for counterparties, including sheet/calendar manuals, annexes and annexes. We advise you on the following industry documentation: Legal advice for OTC activities in the field of energy and support for various products, due diligence and Compliance Verification Services. In connection with energy contracts, Michael advises on (virtual) interests in power plants, long-term supply of electricity and fuel, gas supply, gas storage, gas import and transport/transit contracts (including advice on price revision and related disputes and arbitrations). In the context of gas pipeline projects, he advises on all aspects of energy legislation and project agreements; in the context of power plant projects, it advises in particular on the supply of fuel, the removal of energy and other projects, as well as the financing of such projects. With regard to air refuelling activities at a number of German and European airports, including storage and throughput contracts, it examined secondary transport and fuel planning agreements for retail service stations in Germany. assistance with authorisation requirements and procedural steps concerning wholesale transactions and registration in accordance with national law. Framework contracts of the International Clearing and Exchange Association (“ISDA”) Analysis of legal risks related to clearing rules: general agreement on the operation of certificates and/or guarantees of origin (“RECs”). Michael is also very active in renewable energy. This does not only concern access to the network and the takeover aspects, but also possible project and re contracts. aid schemes and the direct marketing of the quantities of electricity produced. In this context, he also has extensive experience with enterprise PPAs (CPPA) and has collaborated with the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) in the development of the first standard CPPA documentation.

Michael works for a wide range of national and international market players in connection with the above activities, including energy distribution companies, grid operators, energy trading companies, investment banks, project companies, investors and associations. Satisfied customers confirm: “It is very useful that he always has a vision of the whole, that he can connect the dots between overlapping jurisdictions and decide how to proceed.” Chambers Europe 2016 Advice on contractual agreements, e.g. with trading venues, lifting operators, TSOs and brokers….