We invite you to rethink the way you look at training


Edutainment is that magnificent juncture where education and entertainment meet.

Edutainment generates critical mass, quickly.

How is it that cultural references enter into our conversation and become our shorthand? What if one could achieve the same effect, by design, with learning materials? That, is how edutainment becomes viral and achieves a critical mass of change quickly.

Traditional models of training are not cost effective and applied to small numbers of people

Traditional classroom based training typically works for 10-20 people at a time, takes people away from their desks, incurs venue and catering costs and only a fraction of the training is later applied herunterladen.

Traditional training does not generate critical mass. In order to get sustainable change, you need to get critical mass. Critical mass depends on numbers of people adopting a new way and a large enough momentum to spread throughout the organisation… large numbers of people in short amounts of time. If you go to the gym once per month, will you get fit? Traditional training models are based on small numbers of people over a long period of time - you can’t get critical mass.

Serious Edutainment is a combination of live events with media and webinars. In other words, highly scalable blended solutions which are designed specifically around the needs of clients and the outcomes they are looking to achieve. Our solutions are always designed to outstrip clients’ expectations. For the most part client’s expectations fall short of what is possible. We have never tried to be ‘safe’ we’ve always sought to be ambitious in our outcomes. ‘Playing not to lose and playing to Win are not the same thing’.

Interplay - fast paced, game based sessions

The next level of change programmes is not to create training, it is to create movements office 2013 ohne konto herunterladen. What defines a movement is when people’s intent is matched by their effectiveness and embodied in their behaviours - where it becomes self sustaining and grows of its own accord - we activate the factors that ignite movements.


How do you implement large-scale behavioural change? Contact us to discover how we do it and the kind of results we get through detailed case studies.


Can you really have growth without pain?
Can you really do “One size fits all”?
Does it work for “traditional” people?
Why is Behavioural Change the missing link Download tiptoi weltatlas?
Who delivers
What’s possible?
Win back time!
Does it really work in all cultures?


Somebody once said: “the definition of torture is to meet the person you could potentially become and realise how far away you are from it.”

Many people when confronted with the potential that they could achieve believe it’s going to be a long and painful process of unpicking embedded the dysfunctions they are currently embodying in order to achieve it. That can often be a barrier to progress. We like to help people see that this journey can be rapid, joyful and effective.

When one employs humour to generate a new perspective these growth pains simply do not materialise. Humour is intrinsic to all our programmes and consultancy. Sustainable transformation programmes can be enjoyable!

CAN YOU REALLY DO “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” download linux german?

This is a question we are often asked and the the answer is an emphatic YES even for a programme delivered to 50,000 people. A programme that ‘tells’ people how they should be and what they should think simply does not work en masse. If one gives people options embedded in stories or scenarios so they can make personal choices change happens. In that context one size fits all, is perfectly bespoke and highly effective.

The further benefit of a ‘one size fits all’ programme is that you achieve a common language of effectiveness.

“But surely we need a different kind of training for different people at different levels in the organisation?” They then ask. The answer to that is ‘YES and NO… 80% No.’

80% of what they need are the key behaviours that trigger a more effective and immediate response to be translated throughout the organisation - these key behaviours are universally accessible because they are built into people’s natural operating system ; their psyche and psychology and the natural way they work. For this we embed the changes into day to day language.

The 20% addresses very specific needs. These we cater for through face to face training, facilitation and webinars how can I youtube video mac.


People sometimes view our programmes as cutting edge. At the outset, a concern they have is that…“Our people are a quite traditional, will your approach work with them?”. Our answer is: “Well, when your people leave work, do they watch films? Do they laugh? Do they see friends? Do they have a social life? Are they as formal or traditional out of work as they are in work?” Maybe we shouldn't see people as traditional or non-traditional cultures. Maybe we just see them as people. The things that stimulate them out of work will stimulate them in work if you give them the opportunity. Some human responses are not bound by ‘traditional / non-traditional’ approaches word for free full version german mac. They are universal.


There are three strands to any Change programme - Strategy, Processes and Mindsets & Behaviours.

None of these three is optional. If you launch a change in strategy but your processes cannot cope with the new, the strategy fails. If you change your Behaviours but your strategy and processes remain the same, what is realistically going to change long term? Strategic and process change without a shift in Mindsets and Behaviours also, inevitably, fails. None of these three strands is optional. They must all evolve in concert with each other.

Think about it another way... If you build a brand new school (Strategy) and you give pupils new I.T. Systems (Processes) but the teacher walks into the classroom and says "turn to page 13" (Behaviours) and continues to instruct in exactly the same way as they did in the previous school, what, in real terms, has changed amazon kindle alle bücher herunterladen? Mindset and behavioural change is often the missing link in any change strategy.


We can help you formulate your strategy and development plan or we can come and execute a part of it and everything in between.

We have consciously chosen not to employ large numbers of people in house. Instead we bring people in, according to the project. This means that we don't have to prescribe a solution to fit our people - we are free to constantly evolve our ways of solving issues so that are up to the minute for our clients' needs and requirements. We then put together the team that best serves that. Our consultants and teams evolve to meet the current reality.


Business and corporations have a massive impact on the people who work for them, the people they serve and the world at large app store wieder herunterladen. The potential that exists both personally and in terms of the ways they interact with the world is largely untapped. Even organisations purely motivated by profit can have a major beneficial influence and impact. When large businesses and corporations change to realise their beneficial potential in the world, the world changes.

There is a fundamental goodness and potential for real genius that exists in people. It may not be being tapped through their daily work. When it is, that has a quantum effect individually and collectively. Who, on their deathbed ever said “I wish I’d spent more time in the office?” Perhaps what really matters to us in our Autumn years, is that we have made a real and lasting difference.

We want to help people realise their best individually and realise the best the can offer collectively.

Our mission: Leverage effectiveness on scale for the good of the organisation and the planet at large.

WIN BACK TIME horse games pc for free!

Time is the most valuable asset that any individual or organisation has - we can win them back 20% of your time - that’s one day, per person, per week. That’s the equivalent of putting 20% cash on your bottom line straight away. Who doesn't want that?


If we just look at meetings - middle management and above say that at least half their time at work is spent in meetings that go nowhere about 2 days a week. We can win a day back per week and per person with better results. To shift the meetings-culture in an organisation of 500 people takes 1 week.


We have worked with very diverse groups download windows update fix. From governmental bodies with 30 different languages being spoken to organisations with over 150,000 people spread over 80 countries. This work has been a unique design brief forcing us to uncover the triggers and sustainers of mindset and behavioural change which are truly universal.


We call this approach “universal intelligence”. It is a set of practical tools and techniques that interface together and work with people who cannot read and write through to the world’s highest achievers and across all cultures.

Universal Intelligence creates scalability.