Remember that once the agreement is reached, it will last forever with the country. So the responsibilities that have agreed to become the responsibility of all future owners. For this reason, these things appear in a preliminary title report, and sellers are required to disclose whether or not an agreement is in effect by laws such as A.R.S. 33-422. If you buy a property with a private road maintenance contract, you have the right to know. You will be responsible for filling it out as a new owner! To whom and to what do road maintenance contracts apply? In short, a private road is subject to a road maintenance contract. So what exactly is a private road? Here is the definition of the dictionary of free law: a private street is often set up because an individual must have access to the land; such a road can cross another person`s property. A private road can be used by the general public and is open to anyone who wishes to use it, but it benefits those who have requested it in the first place. Unlike highways, which are generally maintained by the public, private roads are maintained at the expense of individuals who have requested the road. If the property is located on a communal or private street and maintained, Fannie Mae will now obtain an appropriate agreement, legally enforceable, or a contract for the maintenance of the road.

The agreement or contract should contain the following provisions and be recorded in the land registers of the competent jurisdiction: decision-making power is an important issue that must be covered. It forms the basis of the number of homeowners who need permission before certain types of improvements and repairs to common access can be made. Do the parties need unanimous agreement, majority agreement or another authorization number to justify the adoption of the project? What is an emergency that allows an owner to unilaterally repair the access road and ask other homeowners for contributions? Can a majority of homeowners justify a change in the access road from gravel to asphalt? Road maintenance contracts are highly recommended. These are essentially contracts between land that runs with the land and serves as a framework for litigation, maintenance and improvement issues. It is certainly a simplified breakdown of what needs to be done, but all the elements are in place. Of course, you are happy to assist in the preparation and registration of your road maintenance contract. Please contact me directly by phone (855 DOC-EASY) or email if you have any other questions or to start with your consent. In addition, I will be watching the comments section below and I will gladly answer any questions! Thank you! Why are private road maintenance contracts desired? There are good reasons for an RMA in place, and it manifests itself in many forms. The heart of the complex is access to the property. Appropriate access to housing must be available at all times.

If the road is not maintained, it becomes impassable. Lack of access can affect the value of the home. There may be legal litigation, with costs for all parties involved. These are the questions that road maintenance contracts seek to answer. They can take time to develop, especially if there is a common private roadway without a road maintenance contract.