“The idea is to have at least some kind of order,” said Rachel Bowie, whose son Finn is “almost a year old.” She said the babysitting contract she and her husband Matt Dorville have is more of a flexible deal, but it worked well for her. You`ve heard of couples signing a prenup before marriage, but do you know anyone who had a baby before a child was born? These contracts, which are written before the baby arrives, are intended to help new mothers and fathers agree on how they allocate childcare obligations and household chores. Couples sign a marriage to protect their property when they get married. And now, some parents are taking inspiration from it and using the concept to create baby-nups. “I don`t believe in prenups or baby-nups,” one of them explained. “When people get married, it shouldn`t be based on the fact that if we separate, you should think, `It`s out of illness and health, good or bad.` I remembered how exhausting and stressful everything was when we had our daughter, especially since I was breastfeeding and falling on myself a lot,” Melissa told Parade. I consider myself a fairly organized person, so I decided to create a physical task diagram for my husband and me. We both set up and shared all the tasks of the baby and the household. Parade Magazine recently reported on the growing popularity of these baby nups, explaining that a written contract between the two parents allows for a less stressful household. Melissa Biggs told the magazine that in 2015, while she and her husband Greg were expecting their second child, they designed their own baby-nup. Some parents and therapists love the idea of arranging parenting and household chores to allow for better communication and teamwork in the already difficult time of caring for a newborn. Baby nups can be a way for couples to share responsibility and reduce stress. They can also get couples to talk about the future and how they want to care for their baby. This can help couples avoid disagreements later, when a parent feels overwhelmed and stressed and seems to lay bare the main burden of child care. There are many assumptions that each parent may have about how to raise a child, or who does what household chores or tasks.

Some couples may never discuss these issues until they have a child. A babysitting contract can entice couples to talk about some of these important topics before they have a child.