The Federation of Independent Schools has informed the union that it does not intend to meet with the union again by November, and it is not certain that new enterprise agreements will be negotiated. The AIS also states that wage increases in 2021, if any, would be set on a discretionary basis outside the bargaining process. Leave for domestic and domestic violence is now recognized in national employment standards (as well as in modern rewards). Any agreement that speaks only of positive reflection now falls below the bar. The ACT (and IEU) fee is valid for 10 days paid and paid either 5 or 10 days is the common result of EA. The advance for 10 continues. The Union has met with the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) to discuss our ambitions and we have scheduled further meetings. The EU is aiming for a three-year contract which is due to start on 1 January 2021. Following, the IEU`s request for the inclusion of new multi-company agreements in 2021 applies. Independent School Agreements before the Commission The multi-company agreements (MEAs) that were voted on last year by teachers and facilitators and operational staff in independent schools remain before the Fair Labour Commission says that the IEU`s Assistant Secretary, Carol Matthews, Assistant Secretary of the IEU, today (31 July) advised the Association of Independent Schools (AIS). which represents about 200 independent schools that the rates proposed in the agreements on several companies are too low. Read the full story here.

The EU has reached an agreement with AIS After the Commonwealth Government`s changes to the guarantee over-unemployment legislation, which delays the increase in superannuation until 2021, and the desire to secure a position in favour of multi-company agreements for NSW, AIS and IEU independent schools, they have been granted a position of approval. No agreement yet in independent schools The Union is currently negotiating with the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) new agreements that will apply to some 200 independent schools of NSW and the ACT to replace contracts expiring in October this year. Teachers with uncodified workloads are subject to increased work with little leeway to govern them, because there are no limits to what can be asked of them. Even in Catholic and Lutheran conventions, where the workload is codified in detail, everything a teacher is supposed to do cannot be attributed to a codified “goat.” Since rewards and agreements include days of attendance and teaching loads, it is important to include at least these basic figures in the local agreement. These figures are known. Now it`s time to write them in chords. AIS launches negotiations The Association of Independent Schools has indicated to the Union that it is ready to negotiate a new enterprise agreement for NSW teachers and support and operations staff. Position for the negotiating letter Letter to representatives and members of IEU Secretary-General John Quessy Since schools negotiate their own enterprise agreements, subjects are of course divided into 4 categories. NewsExtra August: Union recommends no vote for AIS After months of negotiations, the IEU has not reached an agreement with the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) on the terms of the new multi-company agreements (MEAs) to apply to independent schools of NSW and the ACT.

NSW Independent Schools (Support and Operational Staff) MEA 2017 The multi-company agreement to assist NSW`s independent schools staff, the Independent Schools NSW (Support and Operational Staff) Multi-Enterprise Agreement 2017, was approved on 23 March 2017 and will therefore begin on 30 March 2017. The 2010 General Staff Award for Educational Services (Schools) has recently been amended and contains a new clause that includes regular casual workers, the right to apply to be converted to full-time or part-time employment.