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John Kotter


We chose Culture Change as our specialist field because it is a way of effecting a tangible shift in people’s attitudes and behaviours en masse and in a short space of time. It makes a difference in people’s lives and it changes the way the big cogs, the organisations of the world interact. We do this is because:

1) We love it.

2) We serve the purpose of Generating Enlightened Living and want to contribute to make the world a better place through facilitating Effective and Positive Behavioural Change on scale.

Why is this important?

The pace of Change in the outside world has outstripped the pace of change within organisations. The only intelligent response to this shifting status quo, it seems, is for the skills-set that embraces the changing world to become 2nd Nature instagram handy.

The planet needs to shift
With the pace of change in the world being what it is, we must meet technological advances with an evolving ethical standpoint. Technology without ethics spells disaster. Technology with ethics could be sublime. The big changes needed in the world today will come from a shift in mindset. If those changes are to become sustainable they will have to be expressed through people’s day to day behaviour. A critical mass of people embracing a higher possibility for the planet will shift collective consciousness. We don’t really know what that shifted reality will look like but we believe that it is good and worthy of our best attentions.

This is not a rehearsal download wdr app eyewitnesses. Now is the time.

  • Bespoke Behavioural Change, Culture Change transformational programmes
  • DIY Culture Enhancement Training Systems
  • Mission based campaigns and movements
  • Collaborative team facilitation and conscious culture development
  • Media design and production
  • Event design and production

“Changing the behaviour of people is the most important challenge for businesses trying to compete in a turbulent world. The central issue is never strategy, structure, culture, or systems. The core of the matter is always about changing the behaviour of people."

John Kotter - Harvard Business School

Generating Enlightened Living
Contribute to make the world a better place by facilitating Effective and Positive Behavioural Change on scale.

We can help you formulate your strategy and development plan or we can come and execute a part of it.

We have consciously chosen not to have people in house. We bring people in, according to the project. Which means we don't have to prescribe a solution to fit our people - we constantly evolve our ways of doing things so that are up to the minute for our clients' needs and requirements happy birthday video kostenlos herunterladen. We then put together the team that best serves that - we work with a constantly evolving network of diverse consultants to fit our clients’ evolving needs and requirements.


  • Co-Founder YES
  • Global Facilitator
  • Trained over 200,000 people

Richard began his professional career as an actor in Theatre, Film and Television. In this time he won an Olivier award and worked consistently in improvisation both on stage and to live television audiences of 15million people. This experience has lead to his understanding of behavioural triggers.

At the age of 21 Richard set up Black Diamond Films, marketing and distributing extreme sports film and video. Within 5 years Black Diamond became the largest distributor of specialist film in Europe youtube video herunterladen online. It is still a successful business today. Richard left Black Diamond and brought his theatre and business experience together in YES.

Since then he has personally trained over 200,000 people across the world. He has been behind inspirational projects such as the construction of the European HQ of NATO, the Maitreya Project (a Buddha the size of the Empire State Building) and the construction of 180 schools around the UK.

His expertise is in triggering lasting Mindset and Behavioural change en masse. He pioneers the use of theatre, storytelling, film and behavioural science to achieve these ends.

Richard is the author of the groundbreaking books "What's your Purpose?" , “The 7 Questions to find your Purpose” And the forthcoming "Rides of Passage" download amazon music prime music. He is a sought after speaker. 



“In this groundbreaking book, Richard Jacobs shows how we each have our own individual Purpose in life, but until we name it we can never really experience it or know the potential it can unleash in us.

Finding our Purpose is about finding our most compelling relationship to life and a way of living true to our core values. Living to our purpose and sharing the best of ourselves is what brings us our greatest peace, happiness and fulfilment, but to find our Purpose we have to ask ourselves the right questions. Answering the questions is easy... finding out what the right questions are is the tricky bit.

The 7 Questions to Find Your Purpose offers an effective means of discovering and defining your own life purpose. Through answering a series of seven unique and deeply revealing questions, you can distil a statement that encapsulates who you really are and what is most important to you herunterladen.

Once you have found it, this book will show you how to formulate ways to put your newfound Purpose into action, as well as to develop motivational techniques to keep you on track for living a life that is reassuringly true to yourself. What's more, the questions themselves short, simple, easy and to the point can be answered in one sitting.”


Lessons from the road

Do you have to give up up everything to engage in your adventures or can you integrate them with family, job, mortgage - the works? What if, what you learned on these adventures renders the rest of life adventuresome? What if we could learn lessons riding across the Dolomites tackling hills and headwinds and apply those lessons in the challenges, hills and headwinds of our lives? What if our posture, breathing, appreciation of the moment and a myriad of other lessons come to a point of lucidity in the saddle which illuminate the forgotten, routine-filled places of the psyche filme bei netflix herunterladen macbook?

Adventure cycling is a metaphor for living. It is a rolling meditation into the sense of adventure we sought and craved growing up but felt we grew out of. We may have lost the habit but the flavour is still on the tip of the tongue. Rides of Passage tickles those familiar taste-buds. With it we cultivate the same keen inner wisdom and insight which may take us half a lifetime of navel gazing to procure but it does so with humour, depth and the occasional flash of lycra. This book takes us on a rolling landscape of personal development, contemplation, quick-fire storytelling and the immortal, timeless lessons of the road.

Saddle up and join Richard Jacobs, author, storyteller and global speaker as he explores these possibilities, navigates adventures inner and outer on a personal quest to cram joy, colour, passion and meaning into the dustiest corners of life klaviernoten kostenlos downloaden. This book takes the myriad of lessons learned in the saddle, on the road, in places new and unknown and applies them back into the everyday world of routines and to-do lists.

Life is not a rehearsal, it's a ride.


  • Co-Founder YES
  • Behavioural Change Designer
  • M.B.A

Kalinka created her first company aged 21, a consultancy specialised in training and communication that won awards. This led her to create 4 other companies she successfully sold 2 years later. She then went on a world trip for 2 years in 25 countries. Shortly after coming back she co-founded YES.

I want to actively contribute to the positive evolution of humanity by creating simple, fun and effective ways for people to positively evolve their collective and individual behaviours and mindsets Download games for free scrabble. The human potential has been my passion for the last 25 years. At YES, I have been studying and exploring ways to develop solutions to enable Behavioural Change en masse on any subject. I believe that after 25 years of practice, we understand human mindsets and behaviours in a way that can now be systematised. The development of such technology, when well used, can accelerate positively the evolution of organisations towards benevolent effective systems: making organisations more humane, connected and joyful place to work; allowing people to focus their time on what really matters; and enabling organisations to become active and benevolent contributors to society.

Kalinka’s recent work is focusing on amplifying and digitising wisdom and knowledge that truly makes a difference and is directly focused on the positive evolution of humanity such as:

  1. “100 women of spirit”, digitising the wisdom of women who are shaking the world.
  2. “Conscious women, powerful women”, digitising fundamental knowledge for women
  3. “Peace is me” digitising fundamental knowledge to create peace

Other relevant education

  • Student of M.I.T’s Systemic Change Theory U program yugioh pc spiele kostenlos downloaden.
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Reconnective Healing practitioner
  • Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
  • Meditator and yoga practitioner for 25 years